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The Destination Angler Podcast

The Destination Angler podcast is THE podcast for anglers who travel. With Steve Haigh 

We go to the source, the local guides & experts, to build your knowledge of top fishing locations around North America.

Apr 23, 2020

Our guest this week is expert fly-fishing guide, Chad Johnson of CJ’s White River Outfitter, who shares stories and tips on catching those giant brown trout the White River is known for.  Not just in the winter, but all year long!  Plus stories about his good friend Dave Whitlock, tips on how to catch big smallmouths “finesse-style”, and great info on other wadable rivers in the area.       

To Contact Chad Johnson to arrange a trip or stay at his cabin, call (601) 668-5545 or visit his website:

Here’s a video of my trip to the White River in 2019 with Chad as our guide:

Chad is the head guide for Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher:

GoFundMe site to Help Fishing Guides Survive the Coronavirus.  As mentioned on the show, the fishing guide business has been decimated by the Coronavirus situation.   We've set up a special GoFundMe to raise money for Guides.  The money raised will be split evenly with the Guides who appear on the show during the COVID-19 crisis.


The Destination Angler Website:

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Recorded April 21, 2020.  Episode 2.