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The Destination Angler Podcast

The Destination Angler podcast is THE podcast for anglers who travel. With Steve Haigh 

We go to the source, the local guides & experts, to build your knowledge of top fishing locations around North America.

May 19, 2022

Our destination is the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park with outfitter and expert fly angler, Shane McClaflin, Sunrise Pack Station.  Shane has been guiding anglers into the backcountry for 30 years and shares stories of John Colter and Blackfeet Indians, mules and grizzly bears, and wolves eating fly rod...

May 5, 2022

And today our destination is the Missouri Ozarks, and our guest is expert fly angler, guide, speaker, and passionate conversationist, Ryan Walker with Ozarks Smallmouth Fly Company.   The Ozarks cover a vast area of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas and are known for an abundance of springs, wild rivers,...