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The Destination Angler Podcast

The Destination Angler podcast is THE podcast for anglers who travel. With Steve Haigh 

We go to the source, the local guides & experts, to build your knowledge of top fishing locations around North America.

Jun 11, 2020

Our destination is northwestern Ontario’s Lac Seul, known for producing trophy Muskie as big as your kid!  And our guest is expert guide and author, Ben Beattie of Ben Beattie Outdoors.  Ben shares why anglers worldwide come to Lac Seul to catch that “fish of a lifetime”.  We dive into the weeds with tips on best areas to fish, habits of trophy Muskies, importance of “terminal tackle”, and a list of Ben’s must-have baits for each season.  Plus, tips on water temps, moon phases, barometric pressure, and more.  Ben is a columnist for Ontario Out of Doors and is published in Muskie Hunter, Hooked Magazine, and numerous websites.   With host, Steve Haigh.

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Recorded June 7, 2020.  Episode 9.

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