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The Destination Angler Podcast

The Destination Angler podcast is THE podcast for anglers who travel. With Steve Haigh 

We go to the source, the local guides & experts, to build your knowledge of top fishing locations around North America.

Sep 18, 2020

Fishing the Frying Pan River with Eli Vock, Frying Pan Anglers

The Destination Angler Podcast – September 18, 2020

Our destination is Basalt, Colorado, and the legendary Frying Pan River.  Our guest is expert guide and fly fisherman, Eli Vock, with Frying Pan Anglers.  The “Pan” is a Gold Medal fishery and a top destination for trophy Rainbows and Browns.  It offers excellent year-round dry fly fishing, amazing scenery, and off the charts trout populations.   Listen while Eli shares his deep knowledge of hatches, hot spots, specialized knots for swinging flies, and tactics to elicit explosive strikes.  Bonus:  targeting big trout and how to beat the crowds.

With host, Steve Haigh.

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Recorded Sep 16, 2020.  Episode 21.

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