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The Destination Angler Podcast

The Destination Angler podcast is THE podcast for anglers who travel. With Steve Haigh 

We go to the source, the local guides & experts, to build your knowledge of top fishing locations around North America.

Sep 3, 2020

Our destination is Livingston, MT, and the mighty Yellowstone River.  Our guest is expert guide, Josh Edwards, with Yellowstone Angler and ChillinCharters.   Known the world over, the Yellowstone is a top Blue-Ribbon fishery, and for good reason.  Starting in Yellowstone National Park, this river offers over 120 miles of quality trout habitat, prolific hatches, and gorgeous Montana scenery.  Josh gives us tactics for every season covering the trophy sections from Gardiner to Big Timber, tips on mayflies, Salmon Flies, and the always tricky Mother’s Day Caddis hatch, plus top local hopper patterns and catch & release practices.  Bonus: tales of monster trout in Chile and how a broken fan belt changed Josh’s life! 

With host, Steve Haigh.

Josh “Jed” Edwards

  • Josh’s picks for top flies on the Yellowstone:
  • Josh’s Guide Company: ChillnCharters
  • Feel free to DM Josh on Instagram: @ChillnCharters
  • Josh’s pick for top watering hole: Murry Bar, 201 W Park St, Livingston, MT 59047 Livingston, MT

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Recorded Aug 27, 2020.  Episode 19.

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